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Welcome to Africa Business Xceleration

As executives, entrepreneurs, and business heads we know and have overcome first-hand the challenges you face in fighting to win new customers and markets, optimizing your transformation and return-on-investment, de-risking the cost of pivoting to catch or exceed your competitors, avoiding the pitfalls of innovation & customer adoption in a saturated market and achieving faster delivery of time and profit sensitive projects and products critical to your growth.    

Our core purpose is to understand your needs and use our expertise, networks and digital know-how to Xcelerate solutions that deliver the force multiplier effect your business needs to reach and surpass its Growth ambitions

Faster, Digitally and Cost-Effectively.


Partnering with you, ABX will tailor the latest proven world class digital strategies, resourcing solutions and technologies that fit your unique needs, delivered through our Advisory, Resourcing and Marketing solutions.

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Your Growth

Great businesses recognize that strategies and transformation is not a one size fits all power-point presentation. The devil is in the details and the intimate understanding and fundamentals of your business separate you from the rest – but that also means you have challenges unique to your landscape.

Choosing a partner that helps you navigate these challenges and reduces your risk through in-depth analysis and immersion in your business model will ensure that your strategies and transformation agenda, achieves your growth ambitions with synergy and practicality

Find the partnership that xcelerates your Growth

Want to Xcelerate your Delivery Fast?

Want to Xcelerate your projects, products and services to market faster? 

Increasing competition, digital skills shortages and shrinking margins means you cant afford to wait to get your products and services to market, or deliver service timeously to your clients with so many competitors pivoting to take your lunch.

At ABX, we love strategy but we love delivery too – without the right skills and resources matched to your unique needs, faster execution is impossible.Our resourcing solutions work on our same ethos – we understand your needs and create custom and cost effective digital resourcing solutions to make you look like a rockstar and bring your plans to life – fast.

Get the Edge
on your competition

Valuable partners help you grow your business and capture new customers and markets by connecting customs to you and through you, connecting those customers to value.

We build on, amplify and create synergy between your product, brand or service and your customers with digital marketing capabilities that work with your digital strategy whether new or existing, to create a powerful value ecosystem that keeps you top of mind  


The idea Xceleration factory is your Digital Marketing edge

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Work with our Digital Experts

We lazer focus on world class tangible and practical steps to succeed in an evolving digital landscape

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Our amazing Partners & Community

Executive level advisory, digital resourcing, coaching, mentoring and done-for-you solutions and digital marketing. We got you covered.

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